How Coaching Can Benefit You

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

As someone who has benefited from coaching herself, I can speak to the benefits of coaching from both angles.

In my years in this work I have been fortunate enough to have had managers that were naturally amazing coaches. Leaders that were supportive, forced me to question things and allowed me multiple opportunities to come up with solutions and answers to those very questions. As a coach, creating that environment for the leaders I support is what makes me love what I do, watching them embody the benefits of coaching is a cherry on top.

With the right coach these are some of the benefits you can expect to experience:


Using techniques such as the 5 Why’s coaching helps you get clarity on your current situation, your desired state, and what needs to happen to get there.

Having clarity on where your energy and focus need to go means you knock out your goals faster.

Improve EQi through Self-Awareness

Coaches serve as sounding boards and help you self-assess and identify areas of opportunity for growth. The more aware you are of Self, the better you can be at managing your relationships to and with others – both in and out of work. Also, research has shown that coaching is one of the most effective ways to develop soft skills.

Improved Performance

Getting clarity on your purpose, objectives, and goals gives you a sense of direction.

Increased Self-Awareness leads to self-confidence, addressing limiting beliefs, forming new habits, and thinking patterns that are aligned with your goals, to name a few. The combination of all these qualities makes you unstoppable!

To be clear: Unstoppable as in anything you set your mind to gets done, and because you value your mental health rest is always on the to-do list. *insert wink*

Increased Collaboration

Having faith and confidence in your strengths and being aware of your opportunities will make you more open to collaboration. Whether it’s teaming up with others to work on projects or being real about your lack in a certain skill and adding someone with that skill, finding a trainer/mentor to help you with it.


At a time where we live and work in dynamic fast paced environments, learning how to manage stressful situations and maintain a positive mindset is important, not only for our success but for our wellness as well. Having the support of a coach through organizational and/or life changes can feel like having a personal cheerleader cheering you on and reminding you how awesome you are every step of the way.

Globally, companies are hiring in-house coaches to support their leadership teams because of the now widely known benefits of coaching; investing in a coach for yourself is an investment that future you will be glad you made.

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